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Majorette 101

101:  is great for athletes who are usually beginners and are somewhat new to Majorette.  It’s a great level to learn the basics.  As interest in the sport of Majorette continues to grow 101 is also one of our more popular levels.  This level accommodates a wide range of skill levels and experience and is a great introduction to Majorette. This is for athletes who are looking for a more relaxed approach that allows athletes to develop their skills at a pace that’s more comfortable for them.  Our  101 Teams do not compete.  Teams prepare to perform at our 2 showcases. Many athletes eventually continue onto the Prep level. $100 Monthly Tuition


Ballet 1 will teach Dancers the basics of classical ballet such as Terminology originating from France, the 5 basic foot and Arm positions, and Barre Work. Dancers will also learn Basic Techniques, Turning, and Leaps.



Leotard, Skin Matching Tights, and,  Ballet Slippers

$75 Monthly Tuition


Jazz 1 will teach dancers the fundamentals of Jazz dance such as pirouettes, Footwork, and syncopated rhythms. It will also teach the different forms of jazz dance that have been created over the years, such as Free Jazz, Fosse, and Modern Jazz. 



Leotard, Skin Matching Tights, and Black jazz shoes

$75 Monthly Tuition


Hip-Hop will open doors for boys to feel more comfortable in the dance world. Hip-Hop will offer a fun environment while also teaching boys the characteristics of hip hop such as popping, freestyle, coordination, confidence, engaging a crowd, and discipline.


Attire: Comfortable Clothing Sneakers 

$75 Monthly Tuition

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